COVID-19 Information

COVID-19 Information

Health Services

Throughout the course of the COVID-19 pandemic, hg皇冠老牌 has used the latest science and data, along with current guidance from public health agencies, to determine the best course of action for our campus community. As always, we seek to ensure the health and safety of our community while also preserving the quality of our on-campus experience.

Vaccines and Boosters

hg皇冠老牌 does not require the COVID-19 vaccine or booster. Staying up to date with the COVID-19 vaccine and boosters is strongly recommended.

Pre-Semester Testing

At the beginning of each semester, undergraduate students are strongly encouraged to have a negative test within the 24 hours prior to their arrival on campus or to their off-campus housing. Additionally, graduate and RN-BSN students who are taking in-person classes are strongly encouraged to have a negative test within the 24 hours prior to their first class meeting.

  • You are not required to report a negative result.
  • If you test positive, email a photo that includes your positive result, full name and test date to and remain away from campus for five days from the start of your symptoms. Health Services will contact you to discuss the specifics of your case.

Symptomatic Testing

Undergraduate students who are experiencing symptoms of COVID-19 should contact Health Services for testing. Health Services can also assist with symptom management or worsening COVID-19 symptoms.

Graduate students and employees who are symptomatic should seek care and testing from their health care provider.


Students and employees who test positive for COVID-19 should isolate for five days from the start of symptoms (or longer if their symptoms have not resolved).

Students who live within 150 miles of campus will be expected to return home for isolation. If you are unable to return home, you must isolate in place in your residence hall or off-campus housing. Students must use the COVID-19 self-attestation form to notify their faculty members that they will be missing classes. If you have a meal plan, you must ask roommates and friends to bring you meals from the Miley dining hall.

After leaving isolation, individuals must wear a mask for an additional five days.

Mask Advisories

Faculty may choose to require masks in their classrooms or instructional spaces. All members of the University community are encouraged to respect the masking preferences of others and treat all with empathy and compassion.

COVID-19 Hospital Admission Levels

The CDC's COVID-19 hospital admission levels help institutions of higher education make decisions based on their local context and unique needs.

In Newport County, the current COVID-19 hospital admission level is low. At this level, the following prevention behaviors are recommended:

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